552 Red/Green Dot

552 Red/Green Dot


Style: Red dot EOTECH style
Model: RD552
Light: red/green
Intensity: multi-level
Magnification: 1x
Objective diameter: 30×23 mm
Size: 131x49x60mm
Weight: 310gr.
Material: aluminum


Wide field of view and shockproof

Solid material and high-quality

Shockproof and durable

Adapt to a wide temperature range suitable for many situations



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552 Red/Green Dot

Product brand Aim-O
Style EOTECH Red dot
Magnification 1x
Color Black/ Dark Earth
Light Red/ Green
Weight 310gr/ about 20.1g
Attack 20mm slide weawer picatinny
Objective diameter 30x23mm with anti-reflective and scratch-resistant surface
Temperature Up to -40°c
Material Aluminum
Coating Multi-layer lens
Rail tape 20mm standard QD rail
Size 102x49x60mm
Calibration adjustments up/down-left/right
Transmission holographic parallax free at 100%
Eye relief unlimited


552 Red/Green dot Holographic sight is a durable sight for fast and easy target acquisition and tracking, with small to medium caliber platforms for close to medium encounters in all lighting conditions. Aim-O’s 552 red dot is also compatible with magnifiers to extend the sight’s reach for further accuracy. Our 552 holographic sight is also coated with special materials, with anti-reflective and scratch-resistant surfaces, which makes it more durable and reliable on the airsoft battlefield. We also have 552 green dot holographic sights for you to choose from. If you like this product, please contact us! We will give you the quote as soon as possible!

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