With the prosperity of using types of rifles in airsoft games and war games, optic risers are extremely important to get the fixed front sight on your shooting rifle. The optic riser allows you to adjust the height to your personal preference, helping your visual accuracy with aiming. If you are still unfamiliar with optic risers, this article will guide you to learn where you need an optic riser, and we will recommend the optic riser for you. Continue reading to learn more.

Situation Where You Need Optic Risers

Optic risers elevate the user experience by transforming your comfort level during shooting and making it much more straightforward. If you are unsure that whether you need an optic riser, the following scenarios may help you figure out this doubt:

On the one hand, if your sight is at an uncomfortable height, you may need an optic riser. If you suffer from muscle fatigue, especially in your eyes and neck, you can look into getting yourself an optic riser. Indeed, Low-mounted optics place excessive stress on your neck and eye muscles. But riser mounts minimize muscle stress and fatigue, which happens because of the low-mounted optic on your rifle. In addition, they provide a much more comfortable shooting experience.

On the other hand, optic risers are helpful in situations where you need faster sight acquisition and shots on target. For example, the optic riser aligns the red dot with the front sight and guarantees a more precise aim, as your front sight can entirely block the red dot if it appears too low, which undoubtedly results in you not knowing where the dot is aiming.

Thus, having an optic riser can dramatically enhance target acquisition and user experience to a large extent. If you are in the market and want to find a high-quality optic riser, AO9034, a new product from AIM-O, is the one you can’t miss.

Advantages of AO9034 

The AO9034 optical riser comes with a 2.26″ optical centerline height and securely elevates block-type red dot optics with a standard lower 1/3 co-witness picatinny mount. Besides, it also can do fast-transition BUIS. Apart from these benefits, below, we will discuss the top three advantages of the AO9034 optical riser for your reference:

  1. Comfortable User Experience

Built from aluminum and with hard-coat anodized black and DE color options, the AO9034 is designed to offer the most comfortable user experience for beginners. The head-up posture allows you to achieve a neutral spine position, comfortable while wearing plate carriers, helmets, and other heavy gear.

  1. Faster Reticle Acquisition

Its 2.26″ optical centerline height provides faster and easier reticle acquisition when wearing electronic headsets, NV goggles, and gas masks. When you place your optic on a riser mount, the shooter has a shorter distance to move the weapon, resulting in faster visual processing and quicker shots on target.

  1. Suitable for Various Guns

Along with an appropriate and comfortable size (length: 88mm, width, 32mm, and height: 22.5mm), the AO9034 optic riser is ideal for various guns and optics, providing an elevated M1913 picatinny platform for the attachment of optics such as Leupold LCO®, EOTech EXPS®, and other lower 1/3 optics. Not only that, the offset rear iron sight module is essentially entirely compatible with current offset front sights from MAGPUL, Midwest Industries, Dueck Defense, and Knights Armament Company.


As aforementioned, we have introduced the situations where you need an optical riser and the top three advantages of the AO9034 optical riser, which undeniably provides the most comfortable user experience, faster sight acquisition, and is compatible with different gun types.

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