To put it simply, a red dot magnifier is a red dot sight with a magnifying positioned behind or in front of it. Since it does not give magnification, the red dot is appropriate for close-range shots. It may be put onto the gun for all activities to avoid emergencies when it must be fastened on right away, which might cause your lens to become misaligned.

Nonetheless, the magnifier may decrease the red dot’s precision and quickness in locating a target for close distances. Flip-to-center or FTC tactical magnifier mounts are being used to affix magnifying lenses to avert this. In order to help you clarify what the FTC tactical magnifier mount is, we will guide you to figure out its benefits and applications. Get ready to learn something more.

What Is FTC Tactical Magnifier Mount

A magnifying mount is essential for users as it to ensure the quickly switching and stability for aiming of far-range and close-range .

For example, you have a red dot sight, you are worried about the scope slipping down, and a tactical magnifier mount will enable you to ensure stability. You do not need to get expensive scopes that will drain your pockets. A decent tactical magnifier mount will do the job for you and prove to be a cost-effective solution.

On the other hand, FTC magnifier mounts have the world’s first flip-to-center function, which allows for storage fully within the shape of the firearm’s receiver without obstructing the host optic, such as the red dot’s sight picture. During all modes of operation, this delivers the most optic capacity with the smallest profile. The novel FTC feature eliminates the issue caused by traditional flip-to-side magnification mounting.

Pros of FTC Tactical Magnifier Mount

The FTC Mount has several advantages. Read ahead to learn all about them.

  1. The FTC tactical magnifier mount avoids risks by employing a force-to-overcome feature that lets the user make a quick shift. The FTC mount is a magnifier with a flip mount so that the adjustment controls on the hosted weapon’s receiver are not obstructed. The magnifier’s functionality and performance are unaffected by it being flipped upside down.
  2. End users will benefit from FTC tactical magnifier mount and base that deliver a faster sight view than typical elevation installations. A heads-up position also aids in the maintenance of a balanced spinal placement, which is far more ergonomic when using types of tactical magnifier mounts.

  1. Another advantage of an FTC tactical magnifier mount is the superior built quality. It is made for all sorts of challenging combat situations and will not break due to wear and tear. If you have been looking for a solid option that will last long robustly, this is the ideal solution. It is a one-time investment compared to the flip-to-side mount that obstructs the view as it hangs on the side of the rifle and hence breaks down often.

Applications of FTC Tactical Magnifier Mount

As aforementioned, FTC tactical magnifier mounts have numerous benefits that enable them to suit scopes. But one thing that should remember is that only the G33 is compatible with the FTC tactical magnifier mount. It is G33 magnifier mount and doesn’t work well with G45 or G43. On the other hand, the FTC tactical magnifier mount is stable for long-range combats when set in G33. Whenever you are trying to combat a target situated far away from you, the FTC tactical magnifier mount will employ enhanced stability so that you can dismantle the opponent with ease.

Where To Buy The Best FTC Tactical Magnifier Mount?

If you are looking for a magnifier with flip mount, you must check out AIM-O, which is launching the advanced FTC magnifier mount AO9037. It is a sturdy and robust offering that will prove to be worth the money. FTC magnifier mounts from AIM-O are significantly superior to flip-to-side mounts, providing customers with more stability, range, and a clear vision. Moreover, the build quality of FTC tactical magnifier mounts from AIM-O is also considerably better, and they will prove to be a good investment.

AIM-O has consistently provided users with the best rifle and gun-related products such as scopes, reticles, magnifiers, and more. Customer satisfaction is their top-most priority, so you can rest assured that you will purchase one of the best FTC magnifiers out there.