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AO 5063

XPS 3-2 Red/Green Dot&DQ Mount

AO 5062


ets g33 3x tyle magnif

ets g33 3x tyle magnifier




AO 3032 M4 RED DOT

AP Style 3X Magnifier

Mountable on a rail system behind Red Dot sight Extremely fast and ingenious mounting solution (Twist Off Mount) Can also be mounted with a regular 30 mm ring Provides extended range to the operator

ET Style 4X FXD Magnif

4X Power Monocular Magnifier Flip Orientation: Ambidextrous mount to allow left or right flip Mount on any 20mm weaver standard rail Power Aiming with Red Dot Sight

T1 Reddot with Offset

AO 5031 T1 Reddot with Offset Rail Mount QD Mount&Low Mount

ACOG 4กม32 Scope with

AO 5316 ACOG 4กม32 Scope with QD Mount + Mini Reddot

Killflash for 8-32กม50

AO 5322 Killflash for 8-32กม50E-SF

ACOG Killflash

AO 5327 ACOG Killflash

Killflash for SRS Red

AO 5049 Killflash for SRS Red Dot


AO 5304 8-32กม50E-SF(Red/Green Reticle)

SRS Style 1x38 Red Dot

AO 5047 SRS Style 1x38 Red Dot

ACOG 4กม32 Scope

AO 5310 ACOG 4กม32 Scope

Killflash for T1

AO 5035 Killflash for T1

551 Red/Green Dot

AO 5017 551 Red/Green Dot

1กม24 Reflex Reddot

AO 5009 1กม24 Reflex Reddot

552 Red/Green Dot

AO 5018 552 Red/Green Dot

553 Red/Green Dot

AO 5019 553 Red/Green Dot

M2 Reddot

AO 5020 M2 Reddot

Killflash for M2

AO 5034 Killflash for M2